Prayer Notes

An article was published in the BBC entitled “What did Jesus really look like?” My immediate thought was, that’s a “beginners question.” The more amazing question is, “What does Jesus look like now?” There is an importance in seeing the infinite difference between what He became as a human baby and what He is in ascended glory.

“You’ve accomplished many many things; you’ve done many things and carried out your purpose for us.” Psalm 40:5a

For God Almighty, Elohim, to do anything, amazes us but because His power and wisdom is limitless, He creates effortlessly, instantaneously, infinitely, perfect majestic things, but the act of Christmas required an effort of different sorts, a tearing of His infinite love to both give and become something that would leave Him in a weakened human state. To accomplish what he did while being a human being would require Him to have a sacrificial passion to push through the suffering of the cross as any other man would, yet, because the Spirit was given to Him without limit, He succeeded in accomplishing many great things for us. Only a perfect man empowered by the Spirit of God could endure what it required to provide for us a pathway to God unhindered by our human weakness and sin!

“No one can thwart you! I want to declare them and talk about them, but they are too numerous to recount!” Psalm 40:5b

God bless you,
Norman and Debbie


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