Piedras Vivas

In Kansas City we have formed a team of nine people called “Piedras” which means “stones.” The team has put together this web site which will be the “hitching post” for a global partnership of virutal prayer and the establishment of physical houses of prayer in the Mediterranean. The blog section of the site will feature “Piedras” or stones, which are the principles of prayer and missions which give further understanding of the times we live in and the plan God has to work through His adoring church involved in 24/7 prayer.

We sense that our present assignment continues with a focus on the Mediterranean region with Malaga, Spain as an epicenter. Our links there have grown as we have seen a unique unity among ministries and churches and a growing circle of partnerships. In various ways the Lord has spoken that the area around Malaga will experience a move of the His Spirit that will affect spiritual motivation in other areas of Spain and the western Mediterranean region.

                   Please enjoy the website and connect as the Lord leads!

“for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples”
Isaiah 56:7

Piedras Vivas
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