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This is a sober and exciting invitation to participate in a people movement of epic proportions. Many people fleeing war and terror have streamed into Europe via Greece. The U.N. estimates that 600,000 more will make their way across the Aegean Sea this winter.

A short time ago I joined with others meeting both Greeks and refugees and sensing the open doors the Lord has put before us. Among those fleeing war and terror I met mostly those who were pushed by hope to find a place to live where their dreams could be realized. Many, dissatisfied with the religion of their homelands, were asking questions and frankly indicating that they want to know a God of love. This is leading to expressions of joy as some hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

The Lord’s Desire

We have sensed three things that indicate the Lord’s desire for this time:

  1. That workers be sent. Matthew recorded Jesus’ words, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” We were able to see as He did, “The multitudes that were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.” The bodies of Gospel breathed, Spirit empowered individuals is now needed. People who are able to pay a personal price to serve and show the love of Christ. This may include praying, serving, befriending and share in word and deed.
  2. Unity among us. The Lord’s high-priestly prayer depicts the joy of a church working in harmony. The need among the refugees is so big that all of our individual efforts amount to a few drops in an ocean. Combined the impact is much greater. This does not mean that we all have to be the same or doing all things together as much as it means supporting one another in word and prayer and serving the visions of one another as the Lord enables. “The will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another.” John 13:35-36
  3. Prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. Our primary concern is for the throne of Jesus to be established in Athen and areas in the vicinity. This calls for the incense of day and night prayer to be ignited through the persistent lifting up of worship and calling out in prayer.

Our plan to proceed

  1. We have an effort to connect with Greek churches as well as organizations already working among the refugees. An invitation has been extended to come and help in prayer and serving.
  2. In the next few months a house of prayer will be established in the area where a majority of refugees land in Athens.
  3. We are praying for people with a wide-range of gifts, including musicians, singers, intercessors, and others who can serve with their hands. The main prerequisites to join in this work would be:
    * Sent – From a local church or a fellowship of believers.
    * Have some degree of wholeness in personal relationships and their Christian walk.
    * Have some preparatory training in spiritual life and cross culture ministry.
    * Have a sure and evident witness of the Lord’s sending.

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