The Royals Face the Mets

Dear Family of Friends,

Tonight is the first game of the World Series here in Kansas City as the Royals face the Mets!  I’ll be at 40,000 feet on my way to Malaga and then Athens.

We are also in a world series.  As we’ve been praying for lighthouses of prayer to be established around the Med Rim, the Lord has been preparing people for His purposes.  Thousands still pour into Europe via Turkey and Greece, each day.  This is an opportune time in the contest of faith.

There are three “bases” we need to reach to bring people to “home plate.”

  1.  First base is the place of prayer.  We want to establish a place of prayer to seek God’s presence for the region.

  2.  Second base is the place of unity and love.  The larger “global community” in Christ binding together as a team, with one heart and mind and voice.  Pray as we meet various people in Athens.

  3.  Third base is the actual outreach.  We pray that there would be the manifestation of the power of God in and through the lives of many and the preaching of the Gospel.

Please be praying for these three things as well as my travel.  I’ll be stopping over in Malaga for the night and will join in the Lighthouse of Prayer before leaving the next day.

It would be a dream to win this “World Serries.”  Bases are loaded.  Ask that God’s people would accomplish much with His help, for His glory.

For the Lord of the harvest,

Norman J. P.


How the Situation is Developing

Dear Family of Friends, 

I just finished a skype call with Stavros, a leader in Athens. I was wondering how the situation is developing.   Here’s an outline of the conversation:

  • They have restricted the boarder of Macedonia and Serbia and are sending refugees back to Athens.  This will mean a log-jam of people.
  •  There were riots at the boarder, the government used tear gas.  The relief agencies were ransacked, people were attacked.  Businesses suffering.
  • Sweeden is already saturated.  They are putting up tents to house the people.
  • The church fed 1400 people (one meal) yesterday.  (This topped the Athen’s military which was only able to feed 200) The government is between a rock and a hard place as thousands continue to come to their shores with little resources to help.
  • 900,000 have passed through Athens this year.  3,500 have died enroute.
  • Some of the local churches are mobilizing but there is no unity between the churches and the resources are limited.
  • Stavros is checking on the legality of doing a medical tent.
  • The situation is getting worst, not better.
  • The biggest need is prayer.
  • This is an opportunity but the danger is there.
  •  It is best to raise money and buy supplies there, than to pay the shipping and taxes on importation.
  • Regarding the house of prayer:  Stavros is like us, he believes that there is no human answer to this crisis except for prayer.  We talked about acquiring a storefront to be a place of prayer and a ministry base.  He was very clear to explain that permissions will be  needed.  The contract needs to explain the use, that people will gather, there needs to be sound proof… etc…

He said that he would help us and provide someone who could be our local representative to do the foot work.

It could be a very deliberate ploy of extremists to infiltrate the west through this crisis.  Everyone knows there is no human answer, there needs to be a change of heart that comes through Christ.  For this to happen Christians need to be on-site looking eye to eye with every individual, ready to share the Gospel of salvation.  The church could offer the best vetting process!

Pray for:

  • My prayer has been for the Lord’s voice to be heard among His people and that there would be an orchestration with military precision along the refugee trail leading up into Europe.  That each person would be encountered by the Lord.
  • Pray for laborers to be sent and also the infrastructure needed to sustain them and utilize all the gifting they bring.
  • Pray for a powerful manifestation of the truth and love of God to many during this time.
  • Pray for those who are most entrenched in fanatical jihad, that the Lord would save the Sauls and make them Pauls.
  • Pray for wisdom and protection.
  • Pray for provisions.

If you or someone you know wants to be involved in planting a house of prayer or ministering to refugees in Greece, contact me at

For the Lord of the harvest, 


If you want to cry and be moved by what is happening, watch “The Harvest A Modern Day Parable”  It so graphically depicts the situation we are facing.  –

“The Athen’s Opportunity” is a summation of my time there –

Hearts of the Fathers

Dear Family of Friends, 

Thank you for so many prayers that made a great impact during the last three weeks.  The Lord of the harvest has laid out before us a great field to work!

Hearts of the Fathers

Elijah is to come and “Turn the hearts of the fathers to the children…” or the land will be struck with a curse (Malachi 4:4).  Debbie and I don’t have biological children but we have paternal instincts.  My favorite memories of the last few weeks were being surrounded by the young men who risked their lives to escape the slavery imposed on their countries by a religions system that is devoid of a father’s heart.  At one point there were five young men age 16-20, I asked the 16 year old from Afghanistan if he had contacted his parents to let them know he was ok then let him use my phone to send a text.  These are sheep needing a shepherd.

Ripe Fruit

The recent Paris attacks have highlighted a very real danger; terrorist infiltrators.  While this is right those who stand between them and the nations able to help are those having no home and an uncertain future.  They are the “harassed and helpless” Matthew describes as invoking the compassion of the Lord.  Up until now the receiving nations have not done well to process them, fear and suspicion along with economic ties and worries slow the process.  When fruit is ripe it is good.  When it is rotten it stinks.  If the searching souls do not find truth the lie will be readily available and many may be radicalized making a bad situation worst.

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were bewildered and helpless, 

like sheep without a shepherd.  Matthew 9:36

Next Steps

I have already taken some steps to connect with others working in the area.  The goal is to present Christ in deed and word, stemming from the place of worship and prayer and the presence of the Lord.

We are going to have our first Highways for Harvesters Training very soon (formerly MTC a four-day intensive to prepare workers).  It will be focussed on raising up people for the work in Greece.  The IHOP community will be our first target but not the only one.  We are hoping to have it around early January.  Write to me if you or someone you know is interested.  (See

We are also ready to make a quick turn-around and head back to Athens.  We need to see how things progress over there.  The U.N. estimates that 600,000 will attempt the perilous journey over the winter months.  In the last weeks dozens continue to die trying to cross the sea.  It seems likely that many of the refugees will be held up in Greece, indefinitely.  Greece itself is barely surviving so this will continue to cause strife within the country.  At the latest I hope to return to Athens in January or February, especially to accompany the teams from Spain and Gibraltar.

Crisis or Opportunity?

Those of us working there noted that this is a crisis for Europe but an opportunity for the Kingdom!  Pray for workers to be sent!

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 

Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.”  Matthew 9:37-38

Prayer Points:

  1. That those in Athens would have a radiant portrait of Christ in them to all the refugees coming in to the country.  I maintain that if the church in every place, rises up in prayerful service, we can see a great move of God’s Spirit.
  2. That more workers would be sent from Gibraltar, Spain, and the U.S. and that we would find favor and wisdom to prepare them to be sent.
  3. That places in each of Gibraltar, Malaga and Athens would be found to be houses of prayer.
  4. That the Lord would point out people to be trained and sent to the refugees in Athens and through the area.
  5. That the political leaders would be guided by the Lord and the church be stimulated to love and compassion.
  6. That training centers supporting the houses of prayer would be founded; School of Levitical Musicians, Missions Training School, School of Prayer.

For the Lord of the harvest,

Norman JP

The video we produced has some sensitive information that could do harm to others.  Please check with me before forwarding it to others.  Thanks.

Watch “Athen’s Opportunity”  a fifteen minute audio visual synapsis of the current refugee situation in Greece


Greece – Our ministry to the refugees consisted mostly of friendship and supplying food and clothing.  It was only in that order.  We also handed them cards with an App for their phones which has translations of the Bible in over 160 languages.  On it was an email address  On several occasions I shared concretely with them about our faith.  There was little opposition except for the occasional Imman looking over our shoulder.  

More Prayer

Dear Family of Friends, 

I arrived in Malaga yesterday afternoon and later was able to share briefly in a meeting of pastors and ministries.  The issue of prayer and refugees is on the hearts of many.  Please keep praying for wisdom and revelation.

Just a brief summary:

  1.  The UN estimates that 600,000 more refugees will make the dangerous sea crossing to Greece during the winter months.  The intensity and desperation of these people is almost on a supernatural level.  Many tell of fleeing for their lives, crossing mountains, seas, Taliban…  Some just want a better life and are not being offered it the contraries they leave. The soul binding extreme religion has imprisioned them.  From this they flee.  There are those who are coming to infiltrate the west and no doubt will bring jihadist activities.

  2.  Greece is in extremely poor shape.  I am including a short video clip of a brother I met who spells out how Greek people are feeling.  There is a distrust, disappointment for their leaders that has led to despair.  An extreme neo-natzi group is rising up and opposes any immigration of migrants.

  3.  The European Union’s union is being tested to the limits.  I spoke with Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Dutch, and others; they feel like the German chancellor is the “dictator of Europe.”  Some countries are closing their doors, others are threatening to do the same.

  4.  The present influx of immigrants will change the European culture forever.  There will be no going back to what it once was.

  5.  Presumably, there are many, many more groups reaching out to refugees in all the nations.  What is clear that there is not a concerted effort and much more can be done.  This, as one Korean missionary in Greece says, “is not a crisis, it is an OPPORTUNITY!”  It would appear that it will not last forever but the seeds of change are already being planted and the church throughout the world should come together for a united approach to this time.  Not that everyone should work together but we can all share information and resources to show the love of God, teach them His ways and connect them to communities where they will be accepted.

  6.  As I talked to various Christian workers I would ask what is the biggest need they see. Without hesitation they would say, “More prayer.”  God is shaking the nations. (Psalm 2)  He determines the exact places where men should life.(Acts 17:26)  This ties in with the end-times predictions of scripture.  The prophet says, “Darkness covers the whole earth, but the glory of the Lord rises on His people.”  (Isaiah 60:1-2)  We would like to see a house of prayer established in Athens that would seek God’s presence and power.

The greatest time I had was sitting on the dirty pavement with some of the migrants and teaching them about European life and what to expect.  They gathered around and someone translated.  I said that there are three things they need to do:  One, learn the local languages.  Two, learn the culture, the way people think and do things.  Three, learn the ways of Jesus because Europe was founded on His words.  I told some stories and would give examples of loving your enemies, turning your face (cheek) because while there are many good Europeans there are also those who will hate you.  So, in affect I was beginning to disciple them.  It’s totally my element!


Three big points for prayer:

  1.  That the Lord would lead us in giving wisdom and revelation that would bring many together for this task.

  2.  That houses of prayer would be built-up in Greece, Malaga and Gibraltar leading to prayer that would change governments.

  3.  For effective use of my time in Spain and Gibraltar.

As always, your prayers, comments and ideas are welcome!

For the Lord of the harvest,

Norman JP

Video links:

How the Greeks feel:

Prayer needed:

Testimony of a worker:

Greek Pastor:

My report from Victoria Square:

These pictures will go into my treasury.  

  1.  The children were sweet and free even while having no home.  Too bad we couldn’t bring them home!


  1.  A Christian family who had been on the road four months.  Imprisoned for time in Turkey.  The young woman, second from the left, spoke good English.  We were able to furnish some clothes, food and cold medicine. it was interesting that they received only what they needed and wouldn’t accept more.


  1.  This family was also heartwarming.  They asked why we are doing this and I said if I were in their country they would invite me in for tea and a meal.  They agreed!  We are so accustomed to fast results in loving people.  Most of the world does not relate to our non-relational ways.  I had Bible App cards which allow people to go on line (many of these people have smart phones)  The App (you can get it at lists countries by name, the languages in each and offers translations of the Bible to listen, read or watch.  With this I also gave them an email address where they can write if they have questions or need a friend in the future.


Many Dead Bodies Along the Way

Dear Family of Friends,

After a nearly four day ferry strike, masses of refugees who were stuck on the Islands are arriving.  The estimates vary.   Most are from Afghanistan, fleeing the Talib_n.  There are many sad stories which pressured their decision to leave.  A very hungry family of seven told us they have been traveling four months.  Another, a young man said, “many dead bodies along the way.”  Some have been threatened by the Talab_n.  One young man said his parents and brother were killed in a bomb blast.  They haven’t been treated well in Turkey (for the most part) and are not well received here.

They have now been sleeping in the square all night after being stuck in Lesbos for some seven days.  Many are young men but there are families and children.  Most are pleasant, confused, concerned… appreciative of a friendly face and a greeting.  We have spent a good deal bringing food and discretely feeding who we can without exciting a mob.  Hungry people are desperate.

I’ve posted several video links of other workers we have encountered.  There are Koreans, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Swedes, Spaniards and many more.  There is no central organization or order, no E.U. or government help.  About 100 police officers stood by yesterday as the notorious Golden Dawn (a left-wing neo-natzi group) stood by to threaten the immigration of refugees.  Their opposition party also stood by to oppose them raising the possibility of a riot.

Now the Good News

As I mingled this morning I saw this as a field of very ripe fruit waiting for workers to harvest it.  “The harvest is plentiful…workers are few.”  We need more workers of every kind.

A Korean brother confirmed our thoughts, “This is not a crisis, it is an opportunity!”  When I asked him what we need, his response was, “More prayer.”  They have a place for pray but not enough intercessors.  We will see what we can do to help in that way too.

I remember the video of a farm family in Iowa who lost their father just before the harvest.  The harvest was ripe but no one to bring it in.  The news brought the farm community together to respond.

If anyone has a week or ten days they could expect to meet needy people and other believers.  There is no organized accommodation but it is not too hard to find.  We are looking for intercessors, musicians, singers, and helping hands.  The greatest qualification is a humble heart, a hearty soul, cultural understanding, a sending base and some relational skills.

For Prayer:

  1.  That as I finish here we would have everything completed to receive workers.  That relationships with pastors and missionaries like George, Stavros, Demitrious; the Koreans, Swedes, etc… would be worked out.

  2.  Pray for increased wisdom (and revelation).  That the knowledge of God would be spread abroad from this place.

  3.  That there would be a unified approach of churches and ministries from everywhere, to spread a net and bring in this harvest.

  4.  That not one person would slip through without an opportunity to hear about the Lord.

I’ll be returning to Spain next week.  Miguel already informs me that he is trying to put together a team to come to Greece.  Pray for my time in Spain and Gibraltar that the Lord wold show us what He is doing and how we can track with Him.

For the Lord of the harvest, 

Norman JP

Related videos:  (must see)


Supplies from Sweden


New Brothers


The Place for the Comforter

Dear Family of Friends, 

The place for the comforter is not that of one who preaches, but of the comrade who says nothing, but prays to God about the matter. The biggest thing you can do for those who are suffering is not to talk platitudes, not to ask questions, but to get into contact with God, and the “greater works” will be done by prayer (see John 14:12–13).  OSWALD CHAMBERS

In a strange way it’s been a joy relating  to local churches and to refugees.  Several pastors have shared with us the desire for greater unity but have found it difficult.  We need to pray for this.

In the case of the refugees:  We know that winter is coming and the flow of people doesn’t appear to be lessening.  The sea has become harder to cross but the smugglers are offering lower rates for the dangerous crossings.  The European community does not know what to do.  Countries are beginning to be at odds with each other and some already closing their boarders.  There is a good possibility that many refugees could be stuck in Greece.  That could be good and bad.

The Greek people are mixed in their emotions about this.  On one hand they have pity and are showing compassion; on the other hand they are living in a country that has already suffered huge economic set backs and many Greeks are also hungry, worried, and hopeless.  One woman said, “Greeks are depressed.”  They are also disillusioned with their political leaders.  This could all be leading toward a “great leader”, may it be the Lord and not the antichrist.

People are getting saved.  Demetrius and Sophia are pastor / evangelists and have seen dozens of people come into the Kingdom this year.

The Bigger Picture

Since leaving on this trip the idea of a “drop in the ocean” has been stated again and again.  The problems of humanity are too big for one ministry, one church or one person to solve.  I have come up with a new thought regarding “The Pixel Perfect Church.”  “A pixel is generally thought of as the smallest single component of a digital image.” Every pixel has a different color or hue and when connected to others portrays an image.  We all are the image of Christ so we need to come together across the globe to display the person of Christ to the world in these troubled times.  We need to show them the bigger picture.

The Prospect:

There is a very good possibility of developing a place of prayer here in Athens.  Like many other places the Lord has already planted the vision and people have been praying.  One couple, George and Eva, have had the vision for a number of years and do several sets each week.  My suggestion was to plan a 24/7 house of prayer to last one-month, opening the doors to many from around the world, to seek the Lord for this place at this time.  It could be similar to what we did in 2006 and 2007 in the Campo de Gibraltar.  Those who come could be trained and then dedicated to do 2-4 hours of worship and prayer each day in addition to 2-4 hours of outreach among the refugee community.

The Greater Need:

We can thank the Lord that many individuals and groups have already responded and many of them are Christian based.  I imagine there needs to be connectivity in the body of Christ all along the road the refugees take going right into the places where the eventually settle down.  Pray for massive coordination of this, perhaps that there would be houses of prayer in each place with ministry bases closely associated.

“Crisis creates concerned creative compassionate cooperation…  or causes chaos!”

Prayer Points:

  1.  Unity, healing and wholeness of the church in Athens.(John 17)

  2.  Continued grace and favor along with God’s wisdom.

  3.  Connection of believers across the area and a strategy from the “Excellent Strategist.” (Isaiah 9 He shoulders responsibility and is called:Extraordinary Strategist,)

  4.  The establishment of a house of prayer in Athens.  (Amos 9:11)

  5.  The manifestation of God’s power in word and deed for the proclamation of the Gospel.  (Acts 4)

  6.  Power to comprehend God’s love (Ephesians 3)

For the Lord of the harvest, 

Norman J. P. 

These links are short recording of some of the leaders we have talked to here in Athens.  I think you enjoy and appreciate hearing what they have to say.

The port of Pireas


Children from Afghanistan


A father and child from Afghanistan


A Few One-Liners

Dear Family of Friends, 

I want to share with you a few one-liners:

-55,000 immigrants have entered Greece in the last three days.

-60 have recently died in the crossing, mostly women and children

-Many European countries are closing their doors

-“Which country would be best for me?” A Refugee from Kondahar, Afghanistan

-“I want to go to school to be a doctor.” Another Refugee from Afghanistan

-“We are new Christians.” Young men escaping Iran

-“We need more hands.”  A Greek pastor

-“This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.” A relief worker

There is a place in Athens called Victoria Square where each day loads of new refugees arrive and wait untill a bus comes to take them to the boarder to be processed.  Because Greece is at a breaking point and even some Greek citizens are malnourished, the government would like to see immigrants pass through and not stay.  Already, we were told, Sweden has closed it’s doors and other nations are about to doing the same.

As we circulate through the many tired faces we can see a mixture of hope and fear.  Most are running for their lives.  They tell of death and threats.  They don’t know what is ahead of them but hope that it is not worst than what is behind them.  When news becomes face to face and you shake a hand or give a hug; the impact is much greater.  At first I found it to be a very somber occasion only brightened by their knowledge that friends were helping them.  If we had 100 others with us right now we could keep everyone very busy.  Come!

Our new friend, Greek pastor Stravanos said, “We need more hands.”  “Come, pray.”  “Come help!”  We talked of plans to establish a house of prayer that would serve as a base for ministry.  He confirmed what we already sensed, that there would be a hold up of thousands of refugees in Greece.  Already the population has mushroomed a million new souls.

This is a Macedonian Call for workers and intercessors.  Come!  Get your passports. We’ll provide the training.  We need:  Teachers, intercessors, musicians, singers, servants…  One week, month? A year?  English is fine.  Housing is good.  Food is excellent.  Souls are open.

Over the next few days we’ll continue meeting with local church leaders and refugees.  Our prayer is to lay the groundwork for a house of prayer.

Pray for workers to be sent.  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, pray, therefore, to the Lord of the harvest, to send workers.”  (Matthew 9:37-38)

Pray for wisdom and favor.  I have been impressed that this crisis is so big that only a united vision of Christ through the church will be effective.  

Pray for the Lord to stretch out His hand to do signs and wonders. (Acts 4 )

Pray for the presence of the Lord to immerse everything we do.

Thank you for all your prayers.


youtube video

Getting a clearer picture:

unknown.jpg  unknown_1.jpg

The two on the right come from Kondahar province and lost everything except the clothes they are wearing.

On the right are Iranian Christians.

unknown_2.jpg  unknown_3.jpg

Urgent Prayer for Athens Greece and Refugee Situation

Dear Family of Friends, 

24/7 Virtual Prayer for Athens Greece and Refugee Situation

Is there ever an urgency in the Kingdom of God?  Panic, no.  Urgency yes!

Everyone has heard of the plight of several million displaced people streaming out of middle eastern countries due to war, terror, bondage and hopelessness.  The last few years has only been a yellow highlighter on an issue that has been happening for decades.

Compassion – When I was in Athens in November a secular group asked me why I was there.  My answer, “Compassion…. and prayer.”  “When Jesus saw the multitudes he had compassion on them because they were harassed AND HELPLESS, like sheep without a shepherd.”  (Matthew 9:37-38)  He continues by saying, “The harvest is plentiful the laborers are few therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the harvest fields.”

This passage is powerful as each word is explosive with meaning that takes us past natural expectation.  I’ll focus on the word, “pray.”  Like many words in Greek there are several different kinds of actions associated with our one word, “pray.”  This one is to ask, beg, long for, to want.”  We want laborers to be sent.  The emotion attached with the word may be similar to those flying at 30,000 feet and suddenly the entire jet goes silent and starts plummeting toward the ground.  The ensuing prayers are urgent and emotional coming from deep within.

This kind of response of compassion and prayer are not natural.  Many people doing acts of compassion do so because the care-givers are more powerful and those giving care become powerful.  Some people need to feel powerful.  But I think there is a greater reason for the urgency of this prayer, it has to do with the overall well being of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Lord is not taken by surprise nor is He trying to respond to a situation that is out of control.  This idea is obvious in the pages of scripture that He is sovereign over the affairs of man.  He even draws out the boundaries of nations and determines where people should like (Acts 17:26)

From one man he made every nation of the human race to inhabit the entire earth,

 determining their set times and the fixed limits of the places where they would live,

But why is the present refugee crisis urgent for prayer: Read more


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This is a sober and exciting invitation to participate in a people movement of epic proportions. Many people fleeing war and terror have streamed into Europe via Greece. The U.N. estimates that 600,000 more will make their way across the Aegean Sea this winter.

A short time ago I joined with others meeting both Greeks and refugees and sensing the open doors the Lord has put before us. Among those fleeing war and terror I met mostly those who were pushed by hope to find a place to live where their dreams could be realized. Many, dissatisfied with the religion of their homelands, were asking questions and frankly indicating that they want to know a God of love. This is leading to expressions of joy as some hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

The Lord’s Desire

We have sensed three things that indicate the Lord’s desire for this time:

  1. That workers be sent. Matthew recorded Jesus’ words, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” We were able to see as He did, “The multitudes that were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.” The bodies of Gospel breathed, Spirit empowered individuals is now needed. People who are able to pay a personal price to serve and show the love of Christ. This may include praying, serving, befriending and share in word and deed.
  2. Unity among us. The Lord’s high-priestly prayer depicts the joy of a church working in harmony. The need among the refugees is so big that all of our individual efforts amount to a few drops in an ocean. Combined the impact is much greater. This does not mean that we all have to be the same or doing all things together as much as it means supporting one another in word and prayer and serving the visions of one another as the Lord enables. “The will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another.” John 13:35-36
  3. Prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. Our primary concern is for the throne of Jesus to be established in Athen and areas in the vicinity. This calls for the incense of day and night prayer to be ignited through the persistent lifting up of worship and calling out in prayer.

Our plan to proceed

  1. We have an effort to connect with Greek churches as well as organizations already working among the refugees. An invitation has been extended to come and help in prayer and serving.
  2. In the next few months a house of prayer will be established in the area where a majority of refugees land in Athens.
  3. We are praying for people with a wide-range of gifts, including musicians, singers, intercessors, and others who can serve with their hands. The main prerequisites to join in this work would be:
    * Sent – From a local church or a fellowship of believers.
    * Have some degree of wholeness in personal relationships and their Christian walk.
    * Have some preparatory training in spiritual life and cross culture ministry.
    * Have a sure and evident witness of the Lord’s sending.

For more information contact

Sign-up now to participate in 24/7 Virtual Prayer. By clicking the link you can adopt a block of time to join a global prayer in a virtual environment.

Excepts and videos from previous reports:


Partnering through Going

”Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, 
the ends of the earth your possession” (
Psalm 2:8).

After working overseas as a missionary and going to over 75 countries, spanning the continents of Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia; we realized how desperately prayer is needed to reach the nations. If you feel called to go to the nations either as a short or long-term missionary or on an intercessory prayer journey, please let us know. The Elijah Company, Inc. provides training for individuals who feel called to go to the nations whether short or long-term. Missionary Training Camps can give you the training needed to better understand missions before going. Those who go on intercessory prayer journeys can also benefit from this training.


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