Hearts of the Fathers

Dear Family of Friends, 

Thank you for so many prayers that made a great impact during the last three weeks.  The Lord of the harvest has laid out before us a great field to work!

Hearts of the Fathers

Elijah is to come and “Turn the hearts of the fathers to the children…” or the land will be struck with a curse (Malachi 4:4).  Debbie and I don’t have biological children but we have paternal instincts.  My favorite memories of the last few weeks were being surrounded by the young men who risked their lives to escape the slavery imposed on their countries by a religions system that is devoid of a father’s heart.  At one point there were five young men age 16-20, I asked the 16 year old from Afghanistan if he had contacted his parents to let them know he was ok then let him use my phone to send a text.  These are sheep needing a shepherd.

Ripe Fruit

The recent Paris attacks have highlighted a very real danger; terrorist infiltrators.  While this is right those who stand between them and the nations able to help are those having no home and an uncertain future.  They are the “harassed and helpless” Matthew describes as invoking the compassion of the Lord.  Up until now the receiving nations have not done well to process them, fear and suspicion along with economic ties and worries slow the process.  When fruit is ripe it is good.  When it is rotten it stinks.  If the searching souls do not find truth the lie will be readily available and many may be radicalized making a bad situation worst.

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were bewildered and helpless, 

like sheep without a shepherd.  Matthew 9:36

Next Steps

I have already taken some steps to connect with others working in the area.  The goal is to present Christ in deed and word, stemming from the place of worship and prayer and the presence of the Lord.

We are going to have our first Highways for Harvesters Training very soon (formerly MTC a four-day intensive to prepare workers).  It will be focussed on raising up people for the work in Greece.  The IHOP community will be our first target but not the only one.  We are hoping to have it around early January.  Write to me if you or someone you know is interested.  (See www.elijahcompany.org)

We are also ready to make a quick turn-around and head back to Athens.  We need to see how things progress over there.  The U.N. estimates that 600,000 will attempt the perilous journey over the winter months.  In the last weeks dozens continue to die trying to cross the sea.  It seems likely that many of the refugees will be held up in Greece, indefinitely.  Greece itself is barely surviving so this will continue to cause strife within the country.  At the latest I hope to return to Athens in January or February, especially to accompany the teams from Spain and Gibraltar.

Crisis or Opportunity?

Those of us working there noted that this is a crisis for Europe but an opportunity for the Kingdom!  Pray for workers to be sent!

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 

Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.”  Matthew 9:37-38

Prayer Points:

  1. That those in Athens would have a radiant portrait of Christ in them to all the refugees coming in to the country.  I maintain that if the church in every place, rises up in prayerful service, we can see a great move of God’s Spirit.
  2. That more workers would be sent from Gibraltar, Spain, and the U.S. and that we would find favor and wisdom to prepare them to be sent.
  3. That places in each of Gibraltar, Malaga and Athens would be found to be houses of prayer.
  4. That the Lord would point out people to be trained and sent to the refugees in Athens and through the area.
  5. That the political leaders would be guided by the Lord and the church be stimulated to love and compassion.
  6. That training centers supporting the houses of prayer would be founded; School of Levitical Musicians, Missions Training School, School of Prayer.

For the Lord of the harvest,

Norman JP

The video we produced has some sensitive information that could do harm to others.  Please check with me before forwarding it to others.  Thanks.

Watch “Athen’s Opportunity”  a fifteen minute audio visual synapsis of the current refugee situation in Greece



Greece – Our ministry to the refugees consisted mostly of friendship and supplying food and clothing.  It was only in that order.  We also handed them cards with an App for their phones bible.is which has translations of the Bible in over 160 languages.  On it was an email address helpfriends7@gmail.com.  On several occasions I shared concretely with them about our faith.  There was little opposition except for the occasional Imman looking over our shoulder.  

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