How the Situation is Developing

Dear Family of Friends, 

I just finished a skype call with Stavros, a leader in Athens. I was wondering how the situation is developing.   Here’s an outline of the conversation:

  • They have restricted the boarder of Macedonia and Serbia and are sending refugees back to Athens.  This will mean a log-jam of people.
  •  There were riots at the boarder, the government used tear gas.  The relief agencies were ransacked, people were attacked.  Businesses suffering.
  • Sweeden is already saturated.  They are putting up tents to house the people.
  • The church fed 1400 people (one meal) yesterday.  (This topped the Athen’s military which was only able to feed 200) The government is between a rock and a hard place as thousands continue to come to their shores with little resources to help.
  • 900,000 have passed through Athens this year.  3,500 have died enroute.
  • Some of the local churches are mobilizing but there is no unity between the churches and the resources are limited.
  • Stavros is checking on the legality of doing a medical tent.
  • The situation is getting worst, not better.
  • The biggest need is prayer.
  • This is an opportunity but the danger is there.
  •  It is best to raise money and buy supplies there, than to pay the shipping and taxes on importation.
  • Regarding the house of prayer:  Stavros is like us, he believes that there is no human answer to this crisis except for prayer.  We talked about acquiring a storefront to be a place of prayer and a ministry base.  He was very clear to explain that permissions will be  needed.  The contract needs to explain the use, that people will gather, there needs to be sound proof… etc…

He said that he would help us and provide someone who could be our local representative to do the foot work.

It could be a very deliberate ploy of extremists to infiltrate the west through this crisis.  Everyone knows there is no human answer, there needs to be a change of heart that comes through Christ.  For this to happen Christians need to be on-site looking eye to eye with every individual, ready to share the Gospel of salvation.  The church could offer the best vetting process!

Pray for:

  • My prayer has been for the Lord’s voice to be heard among His people and that there would be an orchestration with military precision along the refugee trail leading up into Europe.  That each person would be encountered by the Lord.
  • Pray for laborers to be sent and also the infrastructure needed to sustain them and utilize all the gifting they bring.
  • Pray for a powerful manifestation of the truth and love of God to many during this time.
  • Pray for those who are most entrenched in fanatical jihad, that the Lord would save the Sauls and make them Pauls.
  • Pray for wisdom and protection.
  • Pray for provisions.

If you or someone you know wants to be involved in planting a house of prayer or ministering to refugees in Greece, contact me at

For the Lord of the harvest, 


If you want to cry and be moved by what is happening, watch “The Harvest A Modern Day Parable”  It so graphically depicts the situation we are facing.  –

“The Athen’s Opportunity” is a summation of my time there –

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