Many Dead Bodies Along the Way

Dear Family of Friends,

After a nearly four day ferry strike, masses of refugees who were stuck on the Islands are arriving.  The estimates vary.   Most are from Afghanistan, fleeing the Talib_n.  There are many sad stories which pressured their decision to leave.  A very hungry family of seven told us they have been traveling four months.  Another, a young man said, “many dead bodies along the way.”  Some have been threatened by the Talab_n.  One young man said his parents and brother were killed in a bomb blast.  They haven’t been treated well in Turkey (for the most part) and are not well received here.

They have now been sleeping in the square all night after being stuck in Lesbos for some seven days.  Many are young men but there are families and children.  Most are pleasant, confused, concerned… appreciative of a friendly face and a greeting.  We have spent a good deal bringing food and discretely feeding who we can without exciting a mob.  Hungry people are desperate.

I’ve posted several video links of other workers we have encountered.  There are Koreans, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Swedes, Spaniards and many more.  There is no central organization or order, no E.U. or government help.  About 100 police officers stood by yesterday as the notorious Golden Dawn (a left-wing neo-natzi group) stood by to threaten the immigration of refugees.  Their opposition party also stood by to oppose them raising the possibility of a riot.

Now the Good News

As I mingled this morning I saw this as a field of very ripe fruit waiting for workers to harvest it.  “The harvest is plentiful…workers are few.”  We need more workers of every kind.

A Korean brother confirmed our thoughts, “This is not a crisis, it is an opportunity!”  When I asked him what we need, his response was, “More prayer.”  They have a place for pray but not enough intercessors.  We will see what we can do to help in that way too.

I remember the video of a farm family in Iowa who lost their father just before the harvest.  The harvest was ripe but no one to bring it in.  The news brought the farm community together to respond.

If anyone has a week or ten days they could expect to meet needy people and other believers.  There is no organized accommodation but it is not too hard to find.  We are looking for intercessors, musicians, singers, and helping hands.  The greatest qualification is a humble heart, a hearty soul, cultural understanding, a sending base and some relational skills.

For Prayer:

  1.  That as I finish here we would have everything completed to receive workers.  That relationships with pastors and missionaries like George, Stavros, Demitrious; the Koreans, Swedes, etc… would be worked out.

  2.  Pray for increased wisdom (and revelation).  That the knowledge of God would be spread abroad from this place.

  3.  That there would be a unified approach of churches and ministries from everywhere, to spread a net and bring in this harvest.

  4.  That not one person would slip through without an opportunity to hear about the Lord.

I’ll be returning to Spain next week.  Miguel already informs me that he is trying to put together a team to come to Greece.  Pray for my time in Spain and Gibraltar that the Lord wold show us what He is doing and how we can track with Him.

For the Lord of the harvest, 

Norman JP

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