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Dear Family of Friends, 

I arrived in Malaga yesterday afternoon and later was able to share briefly in a meeting of pastors and ministries.  The issue of prayer and refugees is on the hearts of many.  Please keep praying for wisdom and revelation.

Just a brief summary:

  1.  The UN estimates that 600,000 more refugees will make the dangerous sea crossing to Greece during the winter months.  The intensity and desperation of these people is almost on a supernatural level.  Many tell of fleeing for their lives, crossing mountains, seas, Taliban…  Some just want a better life and are not being offered it the contraries they leave. The soul binding extreme religion has imprisioned them.  From this they flee.  There are those who are coming to infiltrate the west and no doubt will bring jihadist activities.

  2.  Greece is in extremely poor shape.  I am including a short video clip of a brother I met who spells out how Greek people are feeling.  There is a distrust, disappointment for their leaders that has led to despair.  An extreme neo-natzi group is rising up and opposes any immigration of migrants.

  3.  The European Union’s union is being tested to the limits.  I spoke with Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Dutch, and others; they feel like the German chancellor is the “dictator of Europe.”  Some countries are closing their doors, others are threatening to do the same.

  4.  The present influx of immigrants will change the European culture forever.  There will be no going back to what it once was.

  5.  Presumably, there are many, many more groups reaching out to refugees in all the nations.  What is clear that there is not a concerted effort and much more can be done.  This, as one Korean missionary in Greece says, “is not a crisis, it is an OPPORTUNITY!”  It would appear that it will not last forever but the seeds of change are already being planted and the church throughout the world should come together for a united approach to this time.  Not that everyone should work together but we can all share information and resources to show the love of God, teach them His ways and connect them to communities where they will be accepted.

  6.  As I talked to various Christian workers I would ask what is the biggest need they see. Without hesitation they would say, “More prayer.”  God is shaking the nations. (Psalm 2)  He determines the exact places where men should life.(Acts 17:26)  This ties in with the end-times predictions of scripture.  The prophet says, “Darkness covers the whole earth, but the glory of the Lord rises on His people.”  (Isaiah 60:1-2)  We would like to see a house of prayer established in Athens that would seek God’s presence and power.

The greatest time I had was sitting on the dirty pavement with some of the migrants and teaching them about European life and what to expect.  They gathered around and someone translated.  I said that there are three things they need to do:  One, learn the local languages.  Two, learn the culture, the way people think and do things.  Three, learn the ways of Jesus because Europe was founded on His words.  I told some stories and would give examples of loving your enemies, turning your face (cheek) because while there are many good Europeans there are also those who will hate you.  So, in affect I was beginning to disciple them.  It’s totally my element!


Three big points for prayer:

  1.  That the Lord would lead us in giving wisdom and revelation that would bring many together for this task.

  2.  That houses of prayer would be built-up in Greece, Malaga and Gibraltar leading to prayer that would change governments.

  3.  For effective use of my time in Spain and Gibraltar.

As always, your prayers, comments and ideas are welcome!

For the Lord of the harvest,

Norman JP

Video links:

How the Greeks feel:

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Testimony of a worker:

Greek Pastor:

My report from Victoria Square:

These pictures will go into my treasury.  

  1.  The children were sweet and free even while having no home.  Too bad we couldn’t bring them home!


  1.  A Christian family who had been on the road four months.  Imprisoned for time in Turkey.  The young woman, second from the left, spoke good English.  We were able to furnish some clothes, food and cold medicine. it was interesting that they received only what they needed and wouldn’t accept more.


  1.  This family was also heartwarming.  They asked why we are doing this and I said if I were in their country they would invite me in for tea and a meal.  They agreed!  We are so accustomed to fast results in loving people.  Most of the world does not relate to our non-relational ways.  I had Bible App cards which allow people to go on line (many of these people have smart phones)  The App (you can get it at lists countries by name, the languages in each and offers translations of the Bible to listen, read or watch.  With this I also gave them an email address where they can write if they have questions or need a friend in the future.


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