Partnering through Giving

The Elijah Company, Inc. and Intercessors Arise International is a faith mission. Our policy involves the open publication of financial needs without solicitation. We hold to the saying, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s provision”. Over twenty years of faith provision personally testifies to this statement.

Gifts given to Elijah Company, Inc. or Intercessors Arise are used for the work of Elijah Company, Inc. or Intercessors Arise special projects and the advancement of the Gospel throughout the world. For a list of possible ways of involvement through giving financially, please call: (757) 226-3507 or write to: or the address listed below.

If you would like to invest in God’s work through Elijah Company, Inc. or Intercessors Arise International, you may do so by sending a check
or money order to the following address:

Elijah Company, Inc., P. O. Box 396, Grandview, MO 64030.

For U.S. tax purposes, tax-deductible receipts are available.
ECI is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profitable organization.

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