The Royals Face the Mets

Dear Family of Friends,

Tonight is the first game of the World Series here in Kansas City as the Royals face the Mets!  I’ll be at 40,000 feet on my way to Malaga and then Athens.

We are also in a world series.  As we’ve been praying for lighthouses of prayer to be established around the Med Rim, the Lord has been preparing people for His purposes.  Thousands still pour into Europe via Turkey and Greece, each day.  This is an opportune time in the contest of faith.

There are three “bases” we need to reach to bring people to “home plate.”

  1.  First base is the place of prayer.  We want to establish a place of prayer to seek God’s presence for the region.

  2.  Second base is the place of unity and love.  The larger “global community” in Christ binding together as a team, with one heart and mind and voice.  Pray as we meet various people in Athens.

  3.  Third base is the actual outreach.  We pray that there would be the manifestation of the power of God in and through the lives of many and the preaching of the Gospel.

Please be praying for these three things as well as my travel.  I’ll be stopping over in Malaga for the night and will join in the Lighthouse of Prayer before leaving the next day.

It would be a dream to win this “World Serries.”  Bases are loaded.  Ask that God’s people would accomplish much with His help, for His glory.

For the Lord of the harvest,

Norman J. P.


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